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‘I Had a Black Dog’ …his name was depression

By Matthew Johnstone

Friday 2 February 2018, 7pm
Tickets: £12 | £10 Concessions | School Tickets available (please contact the Box office for details)


‘I Had a Black Dog’ is a comic; fun and heart wrenching story about one man, (a representative for all of us,) in his struggle with depression and the various different forms in which it reveals itself to us. ‘I Had a Black Dog’ is for anyone who has ever suffered with or knows someone who has suffered with some form of depression or anxiety. A beautiful and heart warming story.

The adaptation of the international best selling book tells the story of Joe’s depression which is personified in the shape of a black dog.

His dog is his constant companion, whether sitting obediently in the corner or leaping on his chest in the night, he is always there. Can the dog be trained to behave so that Joe can maintain his job and relationships? Can he tame the beast?

Audiences who came to see this first run of the show in 2015 said things like:

“I found myself laughing out loud and recognised a little thought that said: You shouldn’t be laughing, this is serious, you’re being inappropriate! I told that voice to shut up, I’m enjoying myself.”

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