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Beyond Threads of Time Exhibition

Friday 16th Jan – Fri 6th March

In 2014 artists from around Hertfordshire were drawn together for the Threads of Time Project at Hertfordshire Archive and Library Service. For this exhibition four of those artists have selected works which showcase their varied styles and the media they use. Pieces created for Threads of Time are included in this exhibition.

Meet the Artists:

Eva Cantin


Almost 10 years ago my interest in stitch and textiles was reawakened at an exhibition by a group of textile artists in St Albans. As a result I joined a local branch of the Embroiderer’s Guild and this opened a whole new world to me. Since then I have been developing a range of textile, stitch and mixed media skills and techniques through short courses and workshops, as well as online groups and courses. Throughout this time I have also benefited from the support, advice and encouragement of friends, neighbours, family and the wonderfully creative women at Guild meetings in Chiswell Green.

Lizzie HarndenLizzie

My specialism is fine art printmaking and I have professional experience as a graphic designer and further education art tutor. For the last two years I have been enjoying the exploration of new skills and disciplines, including textiles and mixed media.  Being involved in the Threads of Time projects has given me a focus with my work and the opportunity to meet local artists.

Catherina Petit-van HoeyCatherina

I have practised textile arts and crafts for almost 30 years. Having followed various creative arts courses I spend most of my time working as a freelance textile artist. Being a member of various art and textile related groups, including the Herts Visual Arts Textile Group and the Embroiderers’ Guild, I regularly exhibit my work and occasionally teach or lecture.

I use a wide variety of stitch and fabric manipulation techniques and to play with pure, bright colours as they not only express my joy for life, but every colour is a real source of energy. My work ranges from wall-hangings, collages, to applied art forms such as bags, cushions, book covers, etc.  I have work in private collections in the UK, the Netherlands, France, Germany and the USA.

For further information about me and my work please visit:

Please click here to hear a podcast of Catherina being interviewed by Feng Shui expert Cathi Hargaden about the art of alchemy, which relates to her work, The Alchemical Curiosity Cabinet, which was part of the Threads of Time project.

Jackie HodgsonJackie

My work is inspired by a wide variety of subjects and themes,  including landscapes, the environment, history, religion and the world around us. Through the exploration of different mediums, textile techniques, photography and print, I endeavour to capture the essence of my chosen subjects, concentrating on contemporary issues. My biggest inspiration comes from a subject that has been a fundamental component of my life, the passion and movement of dance which I record with sketches and photography.

I have worked on and completed several large series commissions, including designing and making complete sets of vestments for four different churches, nine pieces of my work are owned by Ahmanson Collection in the USA and others privately across the UK.

Information on the ‘Threads of Time’ Exhibition can be viewed here.

Entry is free and the exhibition is open during our normal Arts Base hours, please click here for more information.  For enquiries about the exhibition space at Trestle, please contact our Gallery Programmer Elaine Johnson on / 01727 850950