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The Live Music Project Summer Party | Sat 20 Aug

The Live Music Project Summer Party | Sat 20 Aug

The Live music Project is back this August with music from The Southdown Jazz Jets, Magician's Nephew Band, and Indi and The Vegas.

Retroplex Film Club

Retroplex Film Club

Sun 24 July, Doors 7pm (Film 8pm) | DONNIE DARKO (15)

Sheelagh Frew-Crane exhibition: Into Voices

Sheelagh Frew-Crane exhibition: Into Voices

Sat 7 May – Thurs 21 July 2016 | FREE ENTRY

The Yarico Education Programme

The Yarico Education Programme

Bookings now being taken for autumn 2015

The Live Music Project Summer Party | Sat 20 Aug

Retroplex Film Club

Sheelagh Frew-Crane exhibition: Into Voices

Philippe Gaulier & Commedia dell’Arte Workshops | 1 – 12 Aug 2016

The Live Music Project: 2016 Gig Listings

The Yarico Education Programme

@ The Arts Base


Puss in Boots

Part of the ‘Get Creative Family Arts Festival

Saturday 31 October, 2.30pm

A show by Marcello Chiarenza
Adapted and performed by Patrick Lynch
Music by Carlo ‘Cialdo’ Capelli 

Would you trust a talking cat? You never know, he might turn you from a pauper to a prince just like the hero of this story, brought to vivid life on our incredible sloping stage by Patrick Lynch from Cbeebies.

Cats are cunning, sly and clever.
They land on their feet, whatever the weather.
This moggy is special and saves his master
from starvation, defeat and total disaster.
He tricks the Palace, the court and the King,
and dresses his master in fine silk and bling.
He’s a fabulous feline, devoid of all flaws,
even catching an ogre in his clever cat’s claws!

With smoke and mirrors and hidden trapdoors he’ll show you how this sure-footed feline fools both the King and the Ogre to put his master at the top. With a host of puppets, a working windmill and an avalanche of fruit and nuts come and see this classic furry tail, it’s the cat’s whiskers!

On the day of the performance join in our FREE Big Draw 2015 workshop, exploring this year’s theme ‘Every Drawing Tells A Story?’ with local Artist Elaine Johnson.

Tickets: £12 / Conc £10 / Family (4 tickets, max 2 adults) £40

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