Trestle Shows 1981 - 2000

Hanging Around.png

Creche | School Rules | Hanging Around

8 – 22 October 1983

Trestle’s early works were comic sketches based on a simple situation and performed in full, helmet, cartoon style masks.



28 September 1984 – 30 March 1985 | 16 February – 23 March 1986 (Australia Tour) and 21 May 1993 – 2 April 1994 (National and International revival)

Plastered was a witty and perceptive study of a rich  variety of characters, observed n that best of British institutions – the public house, and later, in the aseptic surroundings of the local hospital’s casualty department.



14 November 1989 – 7 September 1990

L’Amfiparnaso is a light-hearted, little known 15th century opera by Orazio Vecchi, about the everyday happenings at an Italian restaurant.

The Edge.png

The Edge

3 September 1991 – 3 April 1992

A sleepy seaside town plays host to three men, strangers in a strange town… or are they?


The Soldier’s Tale and Goblin Market

12 – 22 January 1994

Performed as a double bill, The Soldier’s Tale and Goblin Market were a collaboration with the Birmingham Contemporary Music Group performed at the Queen Elizabeth Hall as part of the 1994 London International Mime Festival.

Window Dressing.png

Window Dressing

21 July – 9 December 1994

A woman arrives in town: A new town, a new life, but a chance encounter leads to revelations of herself and her family’s past that were best left forgotten.

House of Straw.png

House of Straw

16 February – 31 March 1995

When Jim and Diane move in, they realise they are not the only occupants of the House of Straw.



18 April – 15 September 1996

Combining masks, text and choreography with music from Bach to Bacharach, Passionfish explored the choices and uncertainties faced by many in the late 20th century.

Top Storey.png

Top Storey

30 July 1987 – 8 August 1990 and 8 August – 21 December 1996

Top Storey is one of Trestle’s most successful full-mask shows; An Old man’s peaceful retirement is shattered by the return of his brother to the family home after 40 years, sparking off boyhood memories and the buried emotions of a tragic secret they once shared.

State of Bewilderment.png

State of Bewilderment

Touring – 10 September 1992 – 24 April 1993

Sydney residency – 7 November – 21 December 1996

Filled with humour, irony and absurdities, State of Bewilderment followed a man’s journey to find what is missing from his life.

Fool House.png

Fool House

July 24 1997-January 10 1998

Having toured most of its productions to Holland over the years, Trestle ran a residency in Amsterdam, on October 1995, for professional performers. This was the first stage of a Dutch collaboration which culminated in the creation of Fool House (Trestle Goes Dutch).

Beyond the Blue Horizon.png

Beyond the Blue Horizon

16 October – 26 November 1997

Beyond the Blue Horizon was a surreal and poetic music theatre piece, with a commissioned score from composer David Horne.

Beggars Belief.png

Beggars Belief

22 May – 5 December 1998

Beggars Belief took its starting point from the paintings of Peter Breugel and wove them into a story about the nature of power, love and the struggle for independence.

Bitter Fruit.png

Bitter Fruit

29 May – 1 December 2000

A play-within-a-play, Bitter Fruit had at its heart the retelling of the myth of Hyphaestus, god of fire and forge.