Fool House

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July 24 1997-January 10 1998

Having toured most of its productions to Holland over the years, Trestle ran a residency in Amsterdam, on October 1995, for professional performers. This was the first stage of a Dutch collaboration which culminated in the creation of Fool House (Trestle Goes Dutch).

Having joined forces with Dutch performers, Trestle created a ‘farce of international proportions’. Running a total of 1 hour 40 in full mask and with an original soundtrack, a piece was created that told a story in many languages, a story about different people living under the same roof.

Written and Directed: Joff Chafer and Toby Wilsher
Devised by: Cast and directors
Original Music by: Toby Wilsher
Set Design: Mark Wilsher
Lighting Design: Phil Webb


Alan Riley – Louis van Oldenbarneveld & Daniel Smith
Karina Garnett – Truus Janssen
Chaya Aschkenasy – Lydia de Vries
Egbert Jan Arnold –  Peter de Vries

Other characters played by members of the cast.

Creative Team

Written by: Joff Chafer & Toby Wilsher
Directed by: Joff Chafer & Toby Wilsher
Researched and developed with: Egbert Jan Arnold, Chaya Aschkenasy, Karina Garnett and Alan Riley
Devised in rehearsals by: The cast and directors
Masks made by: Toby Wilsher and Joff Chafer
Original music by: Toby Wilsher
Production Manager/Stage Designer: Mark Wilsher
Company Stage Manager: Allison Fellows
Lighting Design/Technician: Phil Webb
Assistant Stage Manager: Sam Knight
Wardrobe: Jayne Holland
Set Construction: Nik Montali, Steve Maunders and Robin Lawrence
Painting: Rosemary Bianchi
Puppets: Gareth Miles
Publicity: Tracy O’Brennan
Graphic Design: David Mills Graphic Design, Barnet
Conducting Consultant: Peter Joucla
Work Experience: Florence Ayres, Ben Burnside, Claire Davey, Tim Hallas, Suzanne McCallum, Emily Roley-Jones, Janel Valentine
Work Secondment: Patrick Treanor, Guildhall School of Music and Drama

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