Beyond the Blue Horizon

Beyond the Blue Horizon.png

16 October – 26 November 1997

Beyond the Blue Horizon was a surreal and poetic music theatre piece, with a commissioned score from composer David Horne. Inspired by both an extract from the book Imperium by Polish travel writer and journalist Kapuscinski and by issues concerning care of the environment.

The hero turns his back on urban life in search of the answer. He finds it in the desert where a stranger teaches him the way to survive in the heat of the day and the cold of the night. He learns that he is part of the landscape, but never master of it. He learns that he is dispensable.

Director: Toby Wilsher
Composer: David Horne
Set Design: Mark Wilsher
Lighting Design: Tim Boyd
Choreography: Rosie Lehan

16 October – 26 November 1997


Felice Burns
Michael Butcher
Joff Chafer
Nicky Fearn
Sam Knight
Benji Read

The Orchestra

Violin: Pauline Lowbury/Iain King
Viola: Martin Outram/Josephine St. Leon
Cello: Julia Vohralik/Joy Hawley
Double Bass: Timothy Amherst/Stacey Watton
Flute: Kate Hill
Oboe: Ian Hardwick/Emma Feilding
Clarinet: Joy Farall/Nicola Waite
Bassoon: Joanna Graham/Simon Estell
Horn: Stephen Bell/Donald Clist
Harp: Thelma Owen/Susan Blair

The Company

Director: Toby Wilsher
Composer: David Horne
Conductors: Nicholas Daniel and Mark Forkgen
Set Designer/Production Manager: Mark Wilsher
Lighting Design: Tim Boyd
Additional Choreography: Rosie Lehan
Company Stage Manager: Allan Drake
Deputy Stage Manager: Margaret Crosby
Assistant Stage Manager: Sam Knight
Touring Technician: Alex Wardle
Puppets: Alice King
Costumes: Jane Gonin
Design Assistant: Gareth Miles
Video Compilation: Dave Deans
Set Constructors: Steve Maunders, Nik Montali, Mike Bogart, Kate Gittins, Amanda Wilsher, Miranda Wilford, Jill Wilsher, Zoe Appleton, Chrissie Reid.
Creature Construction: Nik Montali, Rosemary Bianchi, James Westney
Set Painting: Rosemary Bianchi and Chris Higginson
Graphic Design: David Mills
Work Experience: Kenji Fenton, Heather Loomes

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