Yarico - the Musical

17 February 2015 – 28 March 2015

Yarico, an Amerindian beauty, is a young woman with great dreams and a fierce, independent spirit… When Inkle, the third son of a British merchant is shipwrecked on her island, he faces certain death at the hands of the islanders. In a courageous act, Yarico intervenes and saves him from his fate, marking the beginning of an extraordinary love story, which ultimately takes them to the island of Barbados.

This powerful and epic new musical of forbidden love, betrayal and redemption is based on a true story that fired the world’s imagination and contributed to a social movement against the slave trade. A story of great historical significance that has languished in time, once revived will remind us of the value of freedom.

Directed by Trestle Artistic Director Emily Gray
Producers John & Jodie Kidd
Music James McConnel
Book & Lyrics Carl Miller
Lyrics Paul Leigh
General Managers Crow & Elk