The Man with the Luggage

21 September – 21 November 2011

Informed by contemporary stories of migration and repatriation, The Man with the Luggage explored our relationship with home, with nationality, and with authority. It delved into our dependence on travel and the multitude of obstacles that await us on our journeys through stations, through ports, and through life.

Trestle Unmasked used an agile mix of text, movement, music, and projection, to tell a dashing and deeply moving story where notions of time, space, and memories merged to create a dreamscape of great insight, passion, and humour. It illuminated the struggles that face many of today’s displaced people, and spoke to everyone who has ever been stranded in a foreign land.


Nicholas Tizzard – Damir
John Cockerill – Dragan (and as Cast)
Nicole Lewis – Ema (and as Cast) 

Creative Team

Director: Oliver Jones
Writer: Lizzie Nunnery
Artistic Associate: Emily Gray
Designer: Anoushka Athique
Lighting Designer: Matt Haskins
Composer: Ben Glasstone

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