The Deadlies

March to May 2014

The Deadlies was a performance and participation piece offering a new way of involving local people in professional performance; created in partnership with York Theatre Royal as part of On Our Turf.

The Deadlies’ tells the story of Archie, a Yorkshire lad who has traded his home for a map that promises him adventures beyond the horizon. Having enjoyed his travels and encounters with extreme characters inspired by the Seven Deadly Sins, Archie wishes to return home; however, he has given his home away and needs the help of the inhabitants of Yorkshire to create a new sense of belonging.

The main outcomes of the project were to:

  • Encourage people to engage with the arts in unexpected ways through mask theatre; masks help to liberate the performer in everyone and allow people to be expressive and creative
  • Empower people to make new and different connections with each other in their local community and with others in the final performance
  • Give groups the interest and ability to use the half masks in the future

Performers/workshop facilitators: Audrie Woodhouse and John Cockerill
Director: Emily Gray
Dramaturg: Hannah Davies
Composer: Ben Glasstone