Little India

27 September – 10 November 2007

Two people meet and quickly fall in love, but one leaves and forgets, while the other is left holding their child. Passionate battles follow in this heart-stopping story of a broken family searching to reconcile their different worlds.

Influenced by South Indian traditions of Kalaripayattu (martial art), Konokol (rhythmic patterns) and mudras (hand gestures), Trestle re-imagined the classical story of Shakuntala for a contemporary time; combining ancient arts with modern words, and inspirational music from India.


Bharata: Ashwin Bolar
Dushyanta: Sartaj Garewal
Shakuntala: Audrie Woodhouse

Creative team

Director: Emily Gray
Kalari Instructor: Anmol Mothi
Dramaturg: Carl Miller
Writers: Nina Patel and Anna Reynolds
Designer: Sophia Lovell Smith
Design Associate: Deepan C Sivaraman
Original Music: Konarak Reddy
Sound Design: Jules Millard
Lighting Design: Phil Hamilton
Production Manager: Anna Cole
Company Stage Manager: Anna Kerr
Assistant Stage Manager: Annette Waldie

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