Current Projects

Trestle is a mask and physical theatre company; our aim is to inspire creativity through participation and collaboration and we do this by approaching opportunities with an open mind, playful approach and our ever surprising and engaging masks. Below are details of our most recent performances, projects and collaborations.

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The Rachel Project

A story of resilience. A story hidden. But a story now shared offering hope for us all.

Small Nose and Trestle weave together intricate full mask theatre, with elements of clowning to share this incredibly moving performance of 'Rachel’, the story of Mrs Rachel Levy, (Auschwitz and Bergen-Belsen Survivor).

With great generosity, Mrs Levy has given us her story, so that we can pass this on and share it with people. Trestle Theatre have teamed up with Small Nose Productions to deliver this incredible story about Rachel's extraordinary resilience and survival from the worst horror our world has ever seen, the Holocaust. 

We will be delivering this story along with outreach and educational workshops that support curriculum and build character.

After a highly successful spring tour, Rachel is now available for booking throughout Autumn 2019. Please contact for availability.

‘Rachel’ has been made possible through funding from Arts Council England and Lewisham Council.

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“Yarico” a powerfully emotional story of love and betrayal in the 17c.’

Yarico is the true story of a 17c. Amerindian woman who saved the life of a British merchant; after falling in love and sailing to Barbados, he sold her into slavery. The issues within the story include ideological and theatrical exploration of ‘being enslaved’ in both historical and contemporary contexts, culturally diverse relationships and the power of music as a tool for expression in response to adversity.

Both show and workshops are available for schools bookings now,  follow the link for more details and  booking information.

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Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

“I loved how you stayed so faithful to the text – it is going to be so helpful to our GCSE students”  - English Teacher Challney Girls, Luton.

This 50-minute live adaptation of ‘Strange Case of Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde’ provides a clear and vivid sense of the narrative and characters, supporting students to be inspired and intrigued by the drama of the text. Featuring Trestle’s signature masks, new music and dynamic performance, this memorable take on Stevenson’s novella will leave students excited by the story, intrigued by the characters, engaged by the ideas and inspired to return to the original text.

The show is currently in development with a view to tour again in 2020. Accompanying workshops are available, follow the link for more details and  booking information.

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Arts and Wellbeing

Trestle is an educational arts charity with a focus on using drama to enhance well-being; we work in partnership with schools, FE colleges, PRUs, Universities, community organisations, councils, CCGs and Artists to deliver the skills and resources needed to encourage high quality learning and development through the arts.

Recent arts and wellbeing programmes have included M-ask for Dacorum Council, Arts on Prescription for 1Life and the creation of out three community inclusive groups supported by the National Lottery Community Fund.