((BOUNCE))™ St Albans

Fun . Friendly . Fierce

10 minutes at ((BOUNCE))™ is the same as a 30 minute run – plus the whole point of jumping on a trampoline is to have fun! There’s oodles of scientific research on the benefits, but most notably, NASA calls it “The most effective exercise yet devised by man” due to the extra gravitational force that the trampoline pad adds.

  • 100%fun

  • 700+ calories burnt per class

  • 3 times more effective than running

St Albans Class times:

Mondays 10am - 11am (Child Friendly)
Mondays 8.15pm – 9.15pm
Tuesdays 10am - 11am (Child Friendly)
Wednesdays 8pm - 9pm

((BOUNCE))™ Blast
Wednesdays 10am – 10.45am
Fridays 10am - 10.45am (Child Friendly)
Saturdays 8am - 8.45am (Child Friendly)
Sundays 9am – 9.45am (Child Friendly)

About our classes:


Our 1 hour class features the first 40 mins of choreographed dance-cardio jumping routines to burn calories fast and finishes with 20 minutes of muscle toning concentrating on abs, legs, triceps and glutes. A focus on ‘interval training’ provides short breaks throughout the class to programme the body to burn calories at rest. It’s fun, friendly and fierce with one requirement: you can’t jump without a smile!

((BOUNCE))™ Blast

Our 45 minute class incorporates optional use of hand and ankle weights (provided at the studio or you’re welcome to bring your own) with a focus on the upper body to tone the arms and create strong, lean triceps, biceps, shoulders, back and chest. There are less breaks in this class but it features the same exciting routines, and at just 45 minutes, it means your workout is efficient.

What does it cost?
All spaces must be booked in advance, no cash on arrival, so head to ‘Book A Class’ to see our venue times and how to easily pre-pay. It costs £6.50 per person plus we offer limited spaces for £5.50 if you book early! Cheaper ‘Flash Sale’ prices are also available at various times if you ‘Like’ us on Facebook.

What does ‘child friendly’ mean?
Sessions where kids of any age can attend in the studio while you workout. Toys, food, prams etc are all welcome with no pretentiousness to deal with! Some mums stop to breastfeed, others are managing potty runs or just needing to give cuddles in between jumping along. There’s likely to be a tantrum or two, or sharing your trampoline with your little one – the Instructor just carries on, no-one minds! You don’t have to be a mum to come along, the workout is still the same!

More information at bouncefitbody.com




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