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The Live Music Project: Saturday 31 August

At this month’s Live Music Project Gig we are delighted to be joined by The Neverists, Broken Boat, Starseedz and Kara. The gig is FREE to attend and the doors open at 7.30pm.

The Neverists are a four piece band lead by Simon Williams on vocals and rhythm guitar, accompanied by Ollie Bosley on lead guitar and backing vocals, Mike Durrant on bass and Jimmy Brimmacombe on Drums.

Simon has been writing prolifically from the age of 14, taking influence from Ryan Adams, Elliott Smith, Johnny Cash and Noel Gallagher, performing his songs live in and around London for four years before forming the band in early 2012. Ollie  joined shortly after the bands formation, adding a thicker texture and melodic hook lines to the songs, before performing some early gigs. In the latter part of summer 2012, Mike Durrant joined the band to play bass, with the band performing several well received shows in London and Hertfordshire. Jimmy is the newest addition, joining in 2013 in what looks to be a promising summer for the band.

Broken Boat formed in Plymouth whilst members Daniel Bahrami and Brendan Kearney studied Architecture at University. Sharing a passion for acoustic music they started playing small gigs around the city. Through a love of performing and confidence in their songs they soon found themselves with a few home-recorded demos under their belt and a growing following of listeners.

Daniel Bahrami, vocalist and songwriter, crafts warm, delicate songs pouring his heart into every word. He grew up listening to his parents old folk and soul records, and started singing in the St Albans cathedral choir at a very young age. Whilst at University Dan picked up a guitar and started writing songs about his experiences in a new city, mostly focusing on the strange idea of ‘home’, and so Broken Boat was born.

Brendan Kearney, guitarist and multi-instrumentalist grew up learning classical guitar, and until recently owned nothing other than a nylon string guitar. Whilst at University he learned how to play an array of other stringed instruments and now incorporates these new skills into their live set and recordings. His playfulness with sound and instruments has massively influenced the sound of Broken Boat, adding a subtle complexity to Daniel’s simple but honest songs.

Broken Boat have worked hard emotionally and physically to build up a following in the south-west but having landed near London, only plan on moving onwards and upwards. They are currently writing new songs about their experiences in and around Hertfordshire and with music that can make whole audiences stand still and listen, they can’t wait to find their place in the London music scene.

Broken Boat – Peace & Quiet on MUZU.TV.

Starseedz, are a St. Albans based duo have 2 members, Catrine O’Neill (Vocals, guitar) and Jon Willoughby (Guitars, backing vocals), who’s combined song writing brings together a range of influences, the result being vibey and atmospheric. Catrine’s breathy bittersweet vocals lend themselves to Jonathan’s mellifluous guitars and musical interpretation.

Fortunately, Starseedz was born when Catrine and Jon fell hopelessly in love. The band has played the London circuit under the previous name Spacechik. They have played at the music industry soccer six charity celebrity football tournament and their music has been featured on lifestyle T.V series “freespirit”. They have grabbed the attention of a few industry insiders Echo, Mushroom and a few independents but a recording contract still remains elusive. Not to be put off, they are going boldly where everyone has been before and putting their music on the web where a lot more people can search for it, stumble on it, listen to it and perhaps want to hear more?

Their first album ‘Starchild’ was released in early 2012, created from the love energy surrounding the two and is very honest and soul bearing. They are now releasing their second album ‘MerKaba’ and are playing venues in Hertfordshire and North London. Both albums are available on their website, as well as itunes, amazon and all major download sites.

Kara are a brand new folk band from Hertfordshire. Their name is Turkish for ‘black’ and Russian for ‘punishment’ and they play a mix of Russian, English, Irish, French and self-penned material. The band line up is: Daria Kulesh – lead vocals & bodhran; Gary Holbrook – accordion; Kate Rouse – hammered dulcimer, vocals; Ben Simon – guitar.

Their music is lively, spirited and sexy acoustic folk – audiences will love exploring their quirky, mongrel soundscape and it has been said in the media that they capture imagination and keep people enthralled with theatrical, lively performances’.