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Promises of Happiness

Presented by Robert Clark and The Place

Tuesday 14 April, 7.30pm

Are you happy? Would more money help? A hug from a stranger? A new mobile phone or cheaper car insurance?

This is a dance show for joy, for simple pleasures, for saying ‘no’ to people who want to tell us what should or should not make us happy; and to endless promises of happiness alluding to a world just out of reach.

Here, exploring happiness is more important than ever actually finding it. Let’s go there together.

Robert Clark makes humorous and emotionally charged, intricate and detailed dance shows, is a Work Place Artist and Resident Artist at Greenwich Dance. Promises of Happiness was commissioned by Dance East and The Place. Funded by Arts Council England. Supported by Greenwich Dance, Trestle Arts Base, VIDEOfeet Digital Arts and Dance4.

Tickets: £12 / £10 Concessions / £40 Family Ticket (x4)

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About Robert Clark
Robert Clark is a Work Place artist who trained at Laban and the London Contemporary Dance School. To date his work has been performed in London, Berlin, Venice, Budapest, Zagreb, Salzburg, Mulhouse, Oberwart, Ravena, Nottingham, Bouxwiller and Bassano. Here is an extract of an interview he gave Maddy Costa where he shares his dance influences and preferences. The full interview is available at

Who are the dancers, choreographers or theatre-makers that you most admire?
There are loads! I admire people like Rosemary Butcher and Charles Linehan for never quite being fashionable but just getting on with it, and people like Igor and Moreno and their collective BLOOM! for being young and vibrant and bringing more energy back in.

Are there particular impressions you’d like people to take away from your work?
I’d like for people to be able to find the relationship between the work and themselves. I don’t want the event to finish when the lights stop and I would also really like it to start at some point prior to the lights going on.

When you’re working in art, that is devoting yourself to something you love, how do you make sure that what you’re doing isn’t self-indulgent?
It’s all about who is it for. I had a good conversation with an artist called Brian Lobel about how he likes to make work for his grandma, because she has little faith in the arts to do stuff, so if she likes his work then he knows everyone will like it. I think that’s a really beautiful notion, to take something for someone on a personal level that you know isn’t really sure about art, but then also make sure it 100% meets your criteria for artistic rigour.

What does being part of Work Place mean to you?
Work Place makes community possible – a community with my peers. It gives me a break from everything being a competition for money and a competition for space, and lets me talk to people. I trust the other artists, which is really nice: I get feedback from them, they’re interested in helping.

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Promises of Happiness on tour

14 – 15 Mar Nottdance Festival, Nottingham
(Treatments only)
21 Mar Sprint Festival at Camden People’s
Theatre, London (Treatments only)
14 Apr Trestle Arts Base, St Albans
24 Apr Zinc Arts, Essex
1 May Dance East, Ipswich
8 – 9 May MAC, Belfast
15 – 16 May The Place, London
29 May Battersea Arts Centre, London