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The Youth Company present D.N.A by Dennis Kelly (C4 Utopia) on Monday 25 and Tuesday 26 March, 7.30pm atTrestle Arts Base.  

The Youth Company is a drama group with a difference – A unique local creative experience for 13-18 year olds that is about making performances not making money.

On March 25 and 26 ‘The Youth Company’ will be performing D.N.A by the successful theatre and screenwriter Dennis Kelly, who wrote the recently popular and challenging channel 4 series ‘Utopia’. The play follows a clique of teenage misfits who are all caught up in dealing with the consequences of a practical joke that’s gone very wrong.  The group are united in their experience, divided in how it affects them, trapped in a situation of their own making there is no going back.

This hard hitting play raises questions about young people and the world we live in.  ‘The Youth Company’ production combines naturalistic performance with multi-media projection and a slight sense of the surreal.

This could be your last chance to see this exceptional play before all public performance rights are removed from summer 2013.
The play contains adult themes and language.

Ticket booking required.
Free Admission, donations welcome.

About The Youth Company

The Youth Company meet on a Monday night from 6.30-9pm and the termly sessions are for any young people who are interested in the arts, the group is run by professional theatre directors and guest leaders who work within the theatre, film and TV industry. Director ‘Lisa Schulberg’ said  “The group is open to all abilities and it’s amazing to offer something different, we have a range of skills and talent within The Youth Company, from young people interested in set and costume design and stage management to those that perform professionally, from budding film makers to those that get involved to promote, design and advertise.”

The Youth Company is run like a professional arts organisation, the members take part in the selection of the shows, the planning of the production and rehearsals and then the advertising designs as well as delivering the production itself.  As the only young peoples theatre group in partnership at the Trestle Arts Base the group get to perform and rehearse in a professional theatre setting with the full support of the venue and company.

Each year the group perform 3 times, with their full scale show taking place in the spring.  The aim of both companies is to offer affordable training that is accessible to all, the group is not there to make a profit and the two and a half hour sessions are less than £15 with the tickets for the shows being free as we encourage audiences to also share in the experience, however donations to the group are always welcome.

For more information and booking contact Tip of the Iceberg Theatre Company on 08454747907 or email