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Sheelagh Frew-Crane exhibition: Into Voices

Dedicated to Hannah
Saturday 7 May – Thursday 21 July 2016 
Sheelagh Frew Crane1

The works in this collection represent an enlightening and stimulating exploration into the world of voice hearing- confronting issues of stigma, mental health and non-acceptance.

The body of work entitled ‘’Beyond the Veil’’,  is a set of four portraits that use renaissance techniques and symbolism to convey the multitude of messages and struggles that can be oppressive to a person who hear voices.

Sheelagh uses these paintings to bring new ideas to the table that support a fresh understanding and acceptance of mental health.

The many layers of glazing epitomize societies fears and prefixed ideas that blur the truth of what it is really like to be a voice hearer.

“My own daughter is a voice hearer and during the last 6 years I have had to put all my own previous misconceptions away to get a clearer understanding of what was happening to the young, spritely and bright person I once knew.  The possibilities of recovery are evident.  we just need to look beyond old prejudges and accept new thinking”.

Entry is free and the exhibition is open during our normal Arts Base hours, please click here for more information. For enquiries about the exhibition space at Trestle, please contact our Gallery Programmer Elaine Johnson on / 01727 850950