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The Birthday of the Infanta: Workshops and Resources



Infanta – Daughter of the ruling Monarch of Spain

Fantasia – A thing that is composed of a mixture of different styles and forms

Trestle Unmasked will be offering an education workshop to accompany their new touring show, The Birthday of the Infanta. This two hour workshop will reflect the show’s mix of text, characterisation and storytelling and concentrate on exploring archetypes to create material for solo performance.

Drawing on the passion and rhythms of Spain,Infantasia will take you on an exciting journey, through performance, imagery, physicality and text. The workshop will introduce participants to elements of the production such as:

  • Solo movement and storytelling
  • Multi-role playing
  • Object manipulation and animation
  • Physicality and rhythm of character

Infantasia will educate and stimulate students to see how movement, words, visuals and sound can fuse together to tell a story. It will inspire them to be playfully creative, physically ambitious, and to broaden their horizons in respect of subject matter.


The workshop links directly with the National Curriculum for English (drama) and Citizenship at Key Stages 2, 3 and 4 and GCSE and A level specifications in Drama and Theatre Studies.

DURATION 2 – 2.5 hours


Age guidance: 9+
Recommended participant number: 24

For more information and bookings please contact 01727 850950 or email

The Birthday of the Infanta Resource and Education Pack

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