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Moon Fool revamp Ill Met By Moonlight

28 February – 17 March 2011

Spring 2011 saw Moon Fool enter into a period of revamping their critically acclaimed production Ill Met by Moonlight; an inventive re-imagining of Shakespeare’s well-loved play, A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

This new production was created and produced by emerging company Moon Fool with support from Trestle Unmasked.

Performers/Musicians/Devisers: Anna-Helena McLean, Christopher Sivertsen, Peter Reynolds

Outside eye/dramaturgical assistance: Ian Morgan and Rosanna Lowe
Original designer: Katherina Radeva
Original Lighting Designer: Paul Colley
Moon Fool understudy company: Piotr Antek Kuryata, Benedict Hitchins, Eleanor Hooper, Emily Jane Grant

Company Artistic Director: Anna-Helena McLean

Age: 13+ / Running time: 70 mins

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