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Beyond the Blue Horizon: Cast and Creative Team

16 October – 26 November 1997


Felice Burns
Michael Butcher
Joff Chafer
Nicky Fearn
Sam Knight
Benji Read

The Orchestra

Violin: Pauline Lowbury/Iain King
Viola: Martin Outram/Josephine St. Leon
Cello: Julia Vohralik/Joy Hawley
Double Bass: Timothy Amherst/Stacey Watton
Flute: Kate Hill
Oboe: Ian Hardwick/Emma Feilding
Clarinet: Joy Farall/Nicola Waite
Bassoon: Joanna Graham/Simon Estell
Horn: Stephen Bell/Donald Clist
Harp: Thelma Owen/Susan Blair

The Company

Director: Toby Wilsher
Composer: David Horne
Conductors: Nicholas Daniel and Mark Forkgen
Set Designer/Production Manager: Mark Wilsher
Lighting Design: Tim Boyd
Additional Choreography: Rosie Lehan
Company Stage Manager: Allan Drake
Deputy Stage Manager: Margaret Crosby
Assistant Stage Manager: Sam Knight
Touring Technician: Alex Wardle
Puppets: Alice King
Costumes: Jane Gonin
Design Assistant: Gareth Miles
Video Compilation: Dave Deans
Set Constructors: Steve Maunders, Nik Montali, Mike Bogart, Kate Gittins, Amanda Wilsher, Miranda Wilford, Jill Wilsher, Zoe Appleton, Chrissie Reid.
Creature Construction: Nik Montali, Rosemary Bianchi, James Westney
Set Painting: Rosemary Bianchi and Chris Higginson
Graphic Design: David Mills
Work Experience: Kenji Fenton, Heather Loomes