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Beyond the Blue Horizon

16 October – 26 November 1997

‘A weird little saga about a man who flees from our septic, over populated island to a great desert…it was continuously bewitching’

Financial Times

‘Their most ambitious project to date…as you would expect from a company that take pride in the visual nature of their work…Who needs a script when you have mime, puppetry, mock sandstorms and hurricanes and huge mechanical animals?’

The Gazette, Basingstoke

A man is adrift, floating on his carpet on a sea of hands. He clings desperately to the edge as he is tossed about by the strange waves.

Beyond the Blue Horizon was a surreal and poetic music theatre piece, with a commissioned score from composer David Horne. Inspired by both an extract from the book Imperium by Polish travel writer and journalist Kapuscinski and by issues concerning care of the environment.

The hero turns his back on urban life in search of the answer. He finds it in the desert where a stranger teaches him the way to survive in the heat of the day and the cold of the night. He learns that he is part of the landscape, but never master of it. He learns that he is dispensable.

Director: Toby Wilsher
Composer: David Horne
Set Design: Mark Wilsher
Lighting Design: Tim Boyd
Choreography: Rosie Lehan

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Beyond the Blue Horizon was produced in collaboration with Britten Sinfonia and in association with Cambridge Arts Theatre