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Meet four ARTWoRKS Artists | Exhibition

Meet four ARTWoRKS Artists 

Jean Atkinson, Mitzie Green, Su James Dean, Terry Sadler

Saturday 4 March – Thursday 30 March 2017

The next exhibition to feature in the Trestle Gallery Café is ARTWoRKS, a varied display of colourful pieces produced by Jean Atkinson, Mitzie Green, Su James Dean and Terry Sadler.

These artists met in the 90’s as fine art students in Hertfordshire. Coming from widely diverse backgrounds and careers they became part of a dedicated and cohesive group.

They also retain a very strong individuality as can be seen by the wide variety of their work.

Large, bold paintings, collages, prints, expressive drawings or ceramics; each artist’s work reflects a very personal perception of the world around them.

They regularly meet, explore new ideas and working methods, exhibit and collaborate on creative projects.

They also promote their work as


contemporary art for sale or hire

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