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Harry Dunkerley exhibition

Monday 9 March – Friday 6 May 2016
Harry Dunkerley is an 18 year old illustrator and photographer from St. Albans, whose work, which blends rich watercolour textures with intricate linework, often explores themes of place, belonging, and our relationship with the natural world. His series ‘Habitat’ depicts a variety of structures and dwellings, inviting the viewer to imagine the occupants of each, and consider the ways in which different environments both shape and are shaped by the personalities of those who inhabit them.
With his photography Harry is interested in portraying an imagined narrative within the confines of a single frame, using surrealistic motifs and conceptual imagery to present the viewer with a compelling yet ambiguous story line. Inspired by personal experiences and social issues alike, his photographic work depicts a moment of struggle or uncertainty on the cusp of resolution, providing through the medium of self-portraiture a means of exploring one’s own emotional states, memories and relationships with the world.
Entry is free and the exhibition is open during our normal Arts Base hours, please click here for more information. For enquiries about the exhibition space at Trestle, please contact our Gallery Programmer Elaine Johnson on / 01727 850950