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Nicki Conway: Exhibition

Saturday 1 July – Thursday 27 July 2017
Inspired by the Impressionists and Renoir, Trestle’s next exhibitor Nicki Conway is sharing her collection of lovingly created paintings with us. After being totally amazed by his ‘Umbrellas” following a trip to the Tate Gallery years ago, she found this particular art movement has helped her to accept that even though she is unable to paint actual figures of people or man made objects (without help), her work is still art. 
How I paint
“I can’t use my hands at all. I have to tuck my arms behind me so that they don’t get in my way. So I have had to learn to paint with a head attachment.
It is not easy for me to paint, and it is very tiring. It can take me a long time to produce a painting. I don’t paint for “therapy”, which is the “normal” assumption for disabled artists. It isn’t in anyway relaxing for me to paint.. It takes a lot of effort, concentration, patience, and recently, neck ache. I enjoy working with colours and trying to create something unique to me..
I mainly paint landscapes and seascapes because they don’t have to precise. I need a subject picture to look at, although the finished painting is often different from the subject picture.

It can be rather frustrating when I can’t quite put a dob of paint exactly where I want it to go. When this happens, I go on to another part of the painting and go back to the other spot later.
But I get a lot of pleasure from creating a painting, especially when my head does what I want it to do. I am always amazed if people like what I produce, be it written or painted.

And if the painting turns out good, that is also a great feeling. I do have a lot of disasters!! But hey, that’s life!!!!

Unfortunately my head control isn’t good enough to do definite objects, but I wanted to extend my repertoire recently. So I sometimes use stencils to do precise things. For example, I used a stencil for the Vase in the Daisies and Poppies painting, and when I paint my owls I have stencils and a bit of help to do the small details. Some people may say that that is cheating. I say it’s adapting my art, giving me more scope.”

Entry is free and the exhibition is open during our normal Arts Base hours, please click here for more information.  For enquiries about the exhibition space at Trestle, please contact our Gallery Programmer Elaine Johnson on | 01727 850950