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The Yarico Education Trailer

Yarico Education Programme Trailer from Trestle Theatre on Vimeo.


‘…The slave trade is probably one of the biggest blights in the history of this sceptered isle and is something that is very rarely mentioned. That has all changed now with…“Yarico” a powerfully emotional story of love and betrayal in the 17c.’ –London Theatre 1

The programme includes:

– A professional performance presentation
– Interactive workshops
– High quality educational resources
– Brand new mask sets

Yarico is the true story of an 17c. Amerindian woman who saved the life of a British merchant; after falling in love and sailing to Barbados, he sold her into slavery. The issues within the story include ideological and theatrical exploration of ‘being enslaved’ in both historical and contemporary contexts, culturally diverse relationships and the power of music as a tool for expression in response to adversity.

Curriculum Links:

Themes include devised theatre, ‘living in the wider world’, ‘tolerance and respect’, ‘social, historical and contextual’ elements of ‘past and contemporary culture’ (PSHE Non-Stat). With specific focus on embedded, metacognitive and integrated learning processes through creating links to the wider curriculum.

The educational programme is available either in full or part at your school/organisation.

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