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Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

The University of Bedfordshire Access and Outreach department and Trestle Theatre Company have joined together to bring you a thrilling performance of ‘Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde’, specifically aimed at engaging GCSE students.

This 45 minute live version of Stevenson’s story brings out the drama of the mystery, giving a clear and vivid sense of the narrative and characters.

Using mask, physical performance and a specially composed soundscape, Trestle’s memorable performance will get its audience members excited by the story, intrigued by the characters and engaged by the ideas.

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(Performances will be available from April 2017 onwards)


Trestle Theatre Company is renowned internationally for its mask work and highly effective educational programmes. Trestle is currently fundraising to be able to offer workshops and resources to accompany the performance of Jekyll & Hyde; details will be available in February 2017. | @TrestleTheatre


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Through their Outreach Programme they provide lots of outreach support and activities for teachers and trainers, parents and carers, and community groups to raise awareness, aspirations and achievement so that groups that are otherwise under-represented can successfully progress to Higher Education. | @uniofbeds