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Philippe Gaulier & Commedia dell’Arte Workshops | 1 – 12 Aug 2016

This year Small Nose are really happy to be running 2 weeks of workshops at Trestle Arts Base, St Albans:

Week One – Bouffon – 1st – 5th August -£375.00 NOW SOLD OUT

Philippe Gaulier will run a one-week workshop on Bouffons. This forms a central part of his teaching at his school – and some consider this to be Philippe’s real speciality. This is how Lecoq describes the world of the Bouffon:

“The difference between the clown and the bouffon is that while the clown is alone, the bouffon is part of a gang; while we make fun of the clown, the bouffon makes fun of us. At the heart of the bouffon is mockery pushed to the point of parody”

Jacques Lecoq  – “Theatre of Movement and Gesture” 2006 (Trans. David Bradbury)

30 spaces available

Week Two – Commedia dell Arte – 8th – 12th August -£300.00 NO LONGER GOING AHEAD

Paola Cavallin will run a week of Commedia exploring a range of Commedia characters / masks, some set Lazzis and practising some canovaccio’s.This will be a fun filled and physical week, ending in a mini performance on Friday eve to some invited friends and public!!

 24 places available.

 There will be a discount of £75.00 for those who participate in both workshops.