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Trestle Show Specific Workshops

‘Good rapport with pupils, excellent pace of workshop… fully met our high expectations’ –  Brentwood School

Discover the style and techniques Trestle uses to create its touring shows. Give students practical tools and innovative ideas to create and devise dynamic visual, storytelling theatre.

Breaking Borders
This workshop will explore techniques and themes from The Man with the Luggage, such as multi-role playing, physicality of character and ensemble movement, with musical influence from the Balkan region.

This workshop will explore the techniques and themes from The Birthday of the Infanta, such as solo movement and storytelling, multi-role playing, object manipulation and animation, physicality and rhythm of character.  Drawing on the passion and rhythms of Spain, Infantasia will take you on an exciting journey, through performance, imagery, physicality and text.

In Flame
Developed in conjunction with Burn my Heart,  Trestle’s co-production with Blindeye, this workshop will reflect the show’s mix of text, characterisation and African influenced storytelling. It concentrates on adapting political themes, ideas, and material for performance from a variety of source material.

Moon Fooling
This workshop will explore the techniques and themes from Moon Fool; Ill Met By Moonlight, such as the musicality of Shakespeare’s language and the dynamics of movement inherent in the text, influenced by Polish movement and vocal technique.

Playing with Fire
This workshop explores the techniques and themes from Lola: The Life of Lola Montez. Participants will learn and experiment with dance, rhythm, and storytelling drawn from Flamenco traditions.

Fighting Talk
This workshop explores the techniques and themes from Little India. Participants will explore ancient Indian martial arts, ritual and performance traditions, as well as uncovering engaging and enchanting movement techniques to begin devising performance.


At the end of each of the above workshops, students will have learnt new physical theatre techniques, explored different ways of working within a group dynamic, and devised short pieces of physical storytelling inspired by their own imaginations.

Each workshop usually runs for a minimum of two hours but can be scheduled to fit in with your timetable. Participants are typically 11 years and older but please contact us to discuss provision for younger groups. The recommended number of participants per workshop is 24, unless stated otherwise.  If you wish to increase numbers there is a subsidy of £10 per person. All prices are per individual practitioner and exempt from VAT.

Cost: 2-2.5 hours: £250 + travel / day rate (2 x 2-2.5 hrs): £450 + travel

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