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Arts on Prescription

In partnership with the St Albans Arts Team, funded by the St Albans and District Health and Wellbeing Partnership.

Trestle’s pilot Arts on Prescription programme seeks to act as a creative outlet that has the potential to improve project participants’ health and wellbeing. We believe that drama has the ability to support the key social and emotional needs of an individual through participation and dialogue.

The Arts on Prescription model aims to secure a form of participation which will improve participants’ overall health and wellbeing, leading to a decrease in need for primary medical support, medication and in-patient visits. Arts on Prescription focuses on prevention, rather than intervention. It believes that creativity and collaboration can support individuals at vulnerable points in their lives, and prevent the deterioration of health and wellbeing.

Workshops will be centred around the group’s capabilities and interests, provoking the development of new skills in a fun, supportive and vibrant atmosphere. Meeting at Trestle Arts Base will ensure that participants become familiar with a nurturing community hub, which they can continue to visit long after the programme comes to an end.

We will soon be releasing the dates of the programme and points for referral if you are interested in being involved in our Arts on Prescription project.

How do I get involved? 

Please ask a Health Professional (GP, counsellor, psychiatric nurse, psychologist or staff at support organisations e.g. Mind in Mid Herts) for a referral form or email