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Women in WW1 Workshop

This workshop explores the role of women in the War through the stimulus of photos, poems and placards of the time. The Trestle masks are used as a tool through which workshop participants can be expressive physically and vocally; the masks are highly accessible and enable the quick creation of characters and situations. Basic mask skills are taught and although the masks are naturally funny, the humour can be turned into pathos with the use of music and visual imagery, allowing poignant dramas to emerge. Depending on the length of the workshop, choral moments such as soldiers dying on the front line whilst groups of women are working can be created along with images depicting the roles that women took.

Workshops can be adapted any particular WW1 themes or outcomes that may be required.

Workshops are led by experienced Trestle theatre practitioners. Half masks can be used if it’s appropriate for participants to use speech. With the full masks, visual theatre is created with music.

In a 2-2.5 hour workshop we can cover basic mask skills and create evocative images. In a day long workshop this work can be developed into short ensemble pieces of mask work, to be shared at the end of the day if appropriate.

One day workshop  £500.00 plus travel
2-2.5 hour workshop £250.00 plus travel

*Please note the recommended number of participants is 24, but if you wish to increase participant numbers there is a subsidy of £10 per person, up to 30 max.

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