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INSET Workshop for Primary Teachers

Trestle’s INSET day for primary teachers provides a unique opportunity to approach teaching a range of subjects through creativity, as well as introducing new ways of helping students create dynamic performances.

The morning session will introduce Trestle’s full masks and half masks in a playful and accessible way; the masks are a useful tool for engaging children in creative approaches to learning.

In the afternoon session we relate mask work to a range of subjects from the new curriculum, giving the teachers the chance to experience how the masks can be made relevant. For example:

KS1 Geography, the Weather – exploring different types of weather through full masks and movement

KSI Science, identifying Carnivores, Herbivores and Omnivores through half mask and puppetry

KS2 English, introduction to Shakespearean characters and text through half masks; KS2 History, enacting the fates of Henry VIII and his wives in full mask.

Early Years teachers are welcome and the work can be related to their teaching, in particular using the masks to identify emotions and behaviours.

The masks can help pupils throughout primary school to work imaginatively with storytelling, using body, voice and mind to create exciting theatre.

Led by a professional theatre practitioner with extensive experience of teaching in Primary schools, this practical one day drama INSET workshop can be delivered at your school or at Trestle Arts Base in St Albans.

We are always happy to discuss anything in particular you may like to cover and we can adapt and tailor the workshop where possible. We can also offer a shorter workshop if required.

The cost for for a full day is £600
(5-6 hours/ 6-18 participants)

If you are interested in booking an INSET workshop please click here for a form and email it to or if you would like to speak to someone at Trestle please call 01727 850950.