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Trestle makes mask work magic

Trestle theatre masks are playful, they transform performers and transfix audiences. With a mask on you have the freedom to explore your world through another’s eyes.

They are worn from Brazil to Singapore, Canada to Australia and are unique in their universal usage in mask theatre and performance.

Thank you Trestle for making these beautiful masks! It gave me the opportunity to bring something beautiful in the world.’  –  Sophie Bakker, Drama Teacher, Amsterdam

Great youth theatre workshop this evening using Trestle Theatre masks. Amazing results – very proud of our talented members!’ Chicken Shed Theatre, Kensington & Chelsea.

What you need:

With a set of theatre masks, some music and notes from Trestle, you can begin to have fun with the masks, making characters and stories, approaching issues and playing roles.

If you then add in a Trestle practitioner to train up your facilitators or to direct your students, you will be equipped and inspired to work with physicality, build sketches and create performances and theatre in and out of mask.

The masks, used well, can make an audience laugh and cry, they can challenge perceptions and stereotypes, they can turn people into physical performers.

The mask sets are a fantastic resource for drama, therapy, communications training and performance.

Every year over 1000 mask sets are purchased worldwide. We know they have been bought to be wedding presents and to be used by probation services.

We are looking for the most bizarre and unlikely usage of these masks. Please send us or upload your pictures, clips and explanations of how people have responded to the Trestle masks in your country.

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Videos about our Masks and the training we can offer can be found below:

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