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Bringing Trestle to the Workplace

Trestle delivers teaching and training opportunities to people of all ages and now thanks to a partnership with Sabre Tooth Panda we are are offering a new service to businesses.

Sabre Tooth Panda, a creative coaching company founded by Aran Rees, takes a radically different approach to bringing creativity to the workplace. Instead of teaching techniques, Aran focuses on helping his clients build a strong relationship with creativity using what he calls the ‘Hard not Complicated’ system.

Hard not Complicated works on habits, attitudes and beliefs first, allowing clients to develop their own, natural ways to be creative at work rather than teaching complicated techniques that may not be appropriate or useful in your world.


This provides a powerful framework in which Trestle can offer theatre skills based training to help clients:

  1. Become more aware of their current relationship with creativity and how they might want to improve it.
  2. Reach insights about what they can change and how they can go about it
  3. Find new and fun ways to practice creative habits
  4. Communicate effectively as these new habits become part of everyday life.

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